The government has approved the financing of fifty two new projects for regional development of the Republic of Moldova
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In the Republic of Moldova 52 new projects are going to be implemented regarding the modernization of infrastructure in villages and ensure citizens' access to quality public services, including development projects of business infrastructure. In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers approved on Wednesday, January 25th, the Single Programme Document for the years 2017-2020, which includes the list of projects selected for being financed from the state budget.

A total of 52 proposals for new projects were selected and 10 projects previously launched were approved for continuance of the financing, of which: in the North Region - 19, Center Region- 26, South Region - 12, and in Gagauzia - 5. Over 1.46 billion lei will be allocated from the National Fund for Regional Development for their implementation.

Priority projects for regional development were selected on the basis of a public competition, held from March to December last year, organized by the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction. After three stages of evaluation, inter-ministerial commission and international experts, employed with financial support of German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) presented the winning projects for approval to the National Coordination Council for Regional Development.

Also on Wednesday, January 25th, the Government decided to establish the National Planning Council of the Territory. The new entity will facilitate intersectoral collaboration on the development and promotion of land use planning documentation, ensuring in this way complex and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova.

The Council will coordinate central and local public authorities' activities regarding urban works and land use planning. It will supervise the process of elaboration of national and regional land use planning and will monitor the effective use of funds allocated from the state budget.

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