A Cooperation Agreement signed within a project that will ensure the access of 10 villages from Floreşti and Soroca districts to quality water
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North Regional Development Agency (North RDA), represented by Ion Bodrug, the Agency's director, and the Branch Foundation from Moldova of SKAT Foundation, as the implementer of Swiss project of Water and Sanitation in Moldova (ApaSan), represented by the President Jonathan Hecke, signed on Wednesday, April 26th, within the North RDA, a cooperation agreement within the project "Water for Life in the North Region: Floreşti and Soroca districts" is to be implemented by North RDA in 36 months from the launch date.

"In the North of Moldova, networks which provide access to drinking water are less developed. In this context, collaboration with you gives us the opportunity to improve the situation in this field, to the benefit of the citizens of the respective localities", said North RDA director Ion Bodrug, who also informed that the tender book was approved last week,within the tender for the construction of the aqueduct networks in the perimeter of Băhrineşti village, Floreşti district.

"Our collaboration will allow us to do more things all together than we could do independently", noted the president of the Branch Foundation from Moldova of SKAT Foundation, Jonathan Hecke. 

The project aims to create a high-quality drinking water supply service for the population in the beneficiary localities: Bahrineşti, Cuhureştii de Sus, Cuhureştii de Jos, Târgul Vertiujeni, Vertiujeni, Japca, Zăluceni, Ţipordei, Nicolaevca, Unchiteşti and Făgădău villages and will  assure the access to quality water services for approximately 10,300 people from 10 rural localities in Floreşti and Soroca districts. 

The total value of the project, within which the two parties have committed to cooperate, is 66,078,180 lei, 29,9 million lei represent an investment offered through the Swiss project of Water and Sanitation in Moldova (ApaSan ), and about 6 million lei - the contribution of the beneficiary population. It should be mentioned that recently, the National Coordination Council for Regional Development (NCCRD) has approved the allocation of 6,000,000 lei for the works which are going to be carried out at the planned stage for 2017. 

Moreover, also today, the representatives of the Branch Foundation from Moldova of SKAT Foundation together with specialists from the North RDA who took part in the elaboration, implementation and monitoring of projects, paid a visit to Floreşti, where they discussed with the district local authorities several aspects related to preparation of implementation of the mentioned project.

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