Repair and upgrading works were completed at the first acquisition, processing and packing center of apiarian products from the North Region of Republic of Moldova
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The first apiarian center from the North Region of Republic of Moldova has been accepted, repaired under a pilot-project of Regional Development conducted by North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in Cupcini, Edinet district. Renovation of the center and land around is in amount of about 1.2 million lei.

Apiarian centre consists of two departments, where will be created at least nine new work places: informational and marketing of apiculture products department and a department of the acquisition, processing and packaging of apiarian products, which follow to be equipped with special equipment in the nearest period. Previously, North RDA purchased and delivered to the apiarian center furniture and computers according to the project.

Members of the special committee which consists of stakeholders and experts involved in the project implementation reunited on Thursday, January 19th, within the apiarian center to sign documents confirming the completion of repair and renovation works. Therewith, commission members, composed by President of Edineţ district, Yuri Garas, North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug North RDA specialists, and responsible for carrying out and monitoring the work inspected the repaired building.

According to North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug, the increased interest of Romania for the apiarian project realized in the North Region of Republic of Moldova increases the chances that this practice to become a beautiful success story in nearest future. "We want to use the full potential of honey industry in the North Region of Republic Moldova by creating a centralized system for marketing, but also by attracting young people, including women, in apiculture practice in rural areas and their integration into groups of regional producers," says North RDA Director.

100 apiarists from the North Region of Republic of Moldova have been trained so far, in two cycles of seminars. At the same time, an information campaign on healthy lifestyle by consuming honey is developed within the project, this fact helping to promote apiarian products in order to diversify the income generation and strengthening human health. Also, an NGO "Association of Apiarists of the North Region." was founded within the apiarian project. The founders of the Association are one apiarist from Balti municipality and the others from 11 districts of the North Development Region.

Since 2014, the North RDA has contributed to promoting honey producers from the North Region of the country through the organization of three Honey Festivals in Balti, organized within Days of North Development Region.

Please note that the economic operator SRL "Gluck" started renovation works of the apiarian center in Cupcini in July 2016. The total value of the pilot-project "Creating integrated sustainable development of the apiarian sector in the North Region of Moldova" is 157.382 Euro, provided by the Government of Romania, through the Official Development Assistance (RoAid). The pilot-project is implemented by North RDA in partnership with Regional Development and Construction Ministry and Edineţ District Council. The project beneficiary is Edineţ District Council.

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