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Europe Day, celebrated in Balti. Ion Bodrug: "To be pro-European means to act in the national interest of the Republic of Moldova"
Europe Day was marked on Friday, May 12th, on the Classics Alley of Balti municipality, by presenting the literary-artistic intermezzo "Through Art to Europe" and by the opening of a caricature exhibition about the living standards differences in the Republic of Moldova and The Member States of the European Union. In parallel, an exhibition of folk craftsmen was organized, and the Balti College...
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A Cooperation Agreement signed within a project that will ensure the access of 10 villages from Floreşti and Soroca districts to quality water
North Regional Development Agency (North RDA), represented by Ion Bodrug, the Agency's director, and the Branch Foundation from Moldova of SKAT Foundation, as the implementer of Swiss project of Water and Sanitation in Moldova (ApaSan), represented by the President Jonathan Hecke, signed on Wednesday, April 26th, within the North RDA, a cooperation agreement within the project "Water for Life in the North Region...
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German representative of the BMZ Daniel McCormack and GIZ representatives made a visit in the North Development Region
Senior officer for Politics within the Directorate for Eastern Europe, South-East and South Caucasus of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Daniel McCormack paid a visit in the period March 29th, March 30th to the North Development Region...
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Premiere for Moldova! About 200 young people from the North Region of the country participate at the "School of Business AOAM (Moldovan Business People Association)"
About 200 young entrepreneurs, managers and students from North Development Region participated, between March 27th to 28th, at the training courses "DriveUP AngryBusiness" and "Accessing grants", held within the project "School of Business AOAM" initiated by the Moldovan Business People Association and organized in collaboration with North Regional Development Agency at the Alecu Russo Balti State University...
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A pilot project for modernization of strategic planning implemented in the North Development Region of Moldova will be replicated in Center and South Development Regions and ATU Gagauzia
The results of a pilot project to improve strategic planning using Geographic Information System (GIS), implemented in the North Development Region of Moldova by North Regional Development Agency (RDA) and the benefits of project implementation in all Development Regions of the country were discussed on Thursday, March 16th in Chisinau, during the conference...
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North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug, after a study visit to Brussels: „The EU will continue to support Republic of Moldova getting closer to the European model of development”
The European Union will continue to support the Republic of Moldova getting closer to the European model of development, the priority in this respect being qualitative implementation of the RM-EU Association Agreement. Assurances concerning this matter have been transmitted to North RDA Director, Ion Bodrug, during a study visit to Brussels, which took place...
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Mayors and entrepreneurs from the North Region of Moldova are interested in Estonia's experience in tourism development areas. North RDA announces the contest for the best business plan for the development of an agripension
Local authorities, entrepreneurs and civil society representatives from the North Region of Moldova participate at the seminar "Agritourism as a solution for rural development of the North Development Region" organized within the project "Support in the development of sustainable rural tourism in the North Region of Moldova", implemented by North RDA and funded by the...
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The government has approved the financing of fifty two new projects for regional development of the Republic of Moldova
In the Republic of Moldova 52 new projects are going to be implemented regarding the modernization of infrastructure in villages and ensure citizens' access to quality public services, including development projects of business infrastructure. In this regard, the Cabinet of Ministers approved on Wednesday, January 25th, the Single Programme Document for the years 2017-2020, which includes...
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Repair and upgrading works were completed at the first acquisition, processing and packing center of apiarian products from the North Region of Republic of Moldova
The first apiarian center from the North Region of Republic of Moldova has been accepted, repaired under a pilot-project of Regional Development conducted by North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in Cupcini, Edinet district. Renovation of the center and land around is in amount of about 1.2 million lei...
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North Regional Development Council members approved important strategic documents and listened to the North Regional Development Agency activity report for the year 2016
Balti, January 18th, 2017. Thirty two out of forty eight members of the North Regional Development Council (North RDC) reunited at the first ordinary meeting of this year and approved three important strategic documents for ensuring regional development in the North Development Region of the Republic of Moldova. One of them is Regional Sectoral Program (RSP) in the field of increasing the...
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Construction works / installation have been completed, inhabitants of Ţepilova village, Soroca district are supplied with drinking water
Wednesday, December 28th, committee of reception members, composed by decision makers and specialists in development, implementation and monitoring the projects had met in Ocolina Village Hall to sign documents which confirm work completion for the subproject "Construction of the system for water supply and sanitation in Ţepilova village", that is a part of the project "Creating conditions for water supply...
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Fifty two regional development projects will receive 1.3 billion lei from NFRD during the next four years
Members of the National Coordination Council for Regional Development (NCCRD) approved on Monday, December 19th, during a meeting, the list of projects tendered to receive financial support from the National Fund for Regional Development (NFRD) during the next four years...
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North Development Region has a Program of tourism development. When will the document be a subject of public consultations and when will it be approved?
North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in partnership with the NGO Pro-Business North held the third and last meeting of the Regional Sectoral Working Group (RSWG) for developing the Regional Sectoral Program (RSP) on Tourism in the North Development Region on Wednesday, December 7th. The event was attended by local authorities, NGOs, travel agencies and North RDA specialists...
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Common visions for improving business infrastructure in the North Development Region identified in Balti
North Regional Development Agency (RDA) in partnership with the NGO Pro-Business North held on Tuesday, December 6th, the second meeting of the Regional Sectoral Working Group (RSWG) for developing the Regional Sectoral Program (RSP) on Business Infrastructure in the North Development Region of the Republic of Moldova. The event was attended by local authorities, NGOs, experts...
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The dwellers of Ţepilova village, Soroca district, will have drinking water at the taps. The construction of water supply and sewerage system has been started
The villagers of Ţepilova, Soroca, will have the necessary conditions to benefit from drinking water at taps. The construction of water supply and sewerage network was launched on Tuesday, November 8th, at the Village Hall of Ocolina. According to the subproject, until the end of this year, depending on weather conditions, there will be built 12.32 km of aqueduct; a water tower with the capacity of 50 m3...
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Potato producers from northern Moldova take steps to attract Latvian investor
20 de producători de cartof din raionul Briceni și reprezentanți ai autorităților locale s-au întrunit miercuri, 24 februarie, în cadrul unei ședințe în satul Corjeuți pentru a analiza posibilitatea fondării unei asociații a producătorilor de cartof în Regiunea de Dezvoltare Nord. Întâlnirea cu producătorii de cartof a avut loc la ințiativa Agenției de Dezvoltare Regională Nord...
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Truck procured within a project for improvement of water and sanitation services in Râşcani rayon
North Regional Development Agency (North RDA) passed to Costeşti City Hall a truck brand 'Renault', worth EUR 21,500 for the water supply and sanitation service. The truck, that is to be taught in management to the Municipal Enterprise 'Apa-Canal' in Costesti, was acquired within the pilot project 'Improving water supply and sanitation in Râşcani rayon' conducted by North RDA...
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Inhabitants of Floresti Rayon choose a cleaner environment
The organizers of awareness and information campaign entitled 'For health and a cleaner environment, collect waste separately', launched in January this year, presented to the community the results obtained so far in the context of a press conference. On this occasion, was launched the joint stock company 'Floreşti Sanitation Services'...
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Polish Delegation in the Northern Region
Bălți-Glodeni, June 12, 2014. A delegation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) of Poland visited the Northern Regional Development Agency (RDA North), so wanting to know more the North Region (NDR) of Moldova. The foreign delegation was accompanied by Valerian Banzaru, head of the General Directorate of Regional...
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A delegation from the Northern Region participated in the East Baltic International Business Forum in Daugavpils, Latvia
A delegation of the containing a total of 20 representatives of Northern Development Region (NDR) of Moldova participated in the third edition of the East Baltic International Business Forum which took place on the 16th and 17th of May in the city of Daugavpils, Latvia. The forum delegates from seven participating countries were: Latvia, Estonia...
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